The Victorian Government has today announced there will be a further relaxation of our COVID-safe rules.

From Friday 26th March at 6 PM, masks will no longer be required in retail settings but will still need to be worn on public transport, taxis and rideshares as well as in sensitive settings like hospitals.

Visitors to your home will now also be relaxed and you will be able to have 100 visitors a day, with outdoor personal events capped at 200, up from 100.

Indoor non-seated settings, such as night clubs, can now go to a 75% capacity but are capped at 1000 people at a time.

There will be no caps on gym classes or in workplaces.

Density limits will go from 1 per 4 square metres to 1 per 2 square metres in places like pubs.

The announcement comes as Victoria returns to having no COVID-19 cases in the entire state and has recorded 25 days of no cases.

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