Victoria has today announced 439 new Coronavirus cases and 11 further deaths.

The State Government has also announced that a new fine will be introduced for people who flout the self-isolation rule.

The initial fine will be $1652 for anybody who breaches a COVID restriction but if a person is found to be flouting the self-isolation rule for a second time, they will be fined a further $4,957.

Anybody who is self-isolating, will now be unable to leave their property, including for exercise.

From Wednesday at 11:59PM, anybody who cannot work from home must carry a permit from their employer saying where they work and that they are needed on location, which will act as a permit, which allows them to commute to and from work.

The onus is on the employer to provide the document.

Failure to present the document could lead to a $1652 fine.

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