You know every now and then you stumble across something online and are left deeply unsettled by it?

The type of thing that leaves you thinking: “Yep, that’s enough internet for today”? Well this is one of those things.

Apologies in advance.

TikTok user makeupbyevelin posts a combination of makeup tutorials, tips and reviews for her 200,000 followers.

However, it’s her videos turning herself into famous people, cartoon characters and…logos that get the most love.

So far, she’s turned herself into the likes of Kim Craig from Kath & Kim, a Cadbury Easter bunny and umm, a Day of the Dead-themed Instagram logo.

But she might have just gone too far with her latest creation.

@makeupbyevelinI turned myself into @daniel.andrews♬ original sound – makeupbyevelin

For whatever reason, Evelin turned herself into Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and we’ll let you decide on the results.

@makeupbyevelinThis is the best thing I’ve EVER done @daniel.andrews ##danandrews ##victoria

♬ original sound – makeupbyevelin

The makeup artist describes it as “the best thing I’ve EVER done,” and we’re just not sure how to feel about that.


Although she does leave us with this bit of perspective: “I know it doesn’t look exactly like him, but it was still fun to do.”

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