This might just be the best incentive to get the COVID vaccination yet, a Melbourne pub is offering up free drinks to anybody who has had the jab.

The Prince Alfred Hotel in Port Melbourne has announced the scheme that incentivises Melburnians who might be tossing up whether or not to get vaccinated.

The promotion will run for one week and is aimed at luring people in from the Port Melbourne Town Hall vaccination centre across the road.

The scheme has already attracted a heap of attention with publican Tom Streater telling Sunrise this morning that he hoped that the scheme could contribute to avoiding future lockdowns.

“Our motivation really is about keeping our doors open,” Streater told Nat and Kochie.

“The more vaccinations, the less COVID and the less COVID, the less lockdowns, and that’s about us keeping the doors open and all our, sort of, retail and hospitality colleagues up and down Bay Street here in Port Melbourne.”

All you need to do for your free drink is hold on to that little, blue vaccination card and present it at the bar. It’s your coupon to a free beer, bourbon, wine or whatever takes your vaccinated fancy!

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