Melbourne is full of hidden secrets and once you know about this one, you simply won’t be able to unsee it!

You may have noticed while strolling around Melbourne that there are many blue squares on power poles. Sometimes, they even pop up on our roads.

It turns out they aren’t street art or are stickers placed by the public – the squares are there to save lives!

TikTok user Julian O’Shea has revealed in a viral video that the squares have been strategically placed to help firefighters locate fire hydrants in the event of an emergency.


What’s the meaning of these blue squares on the poles around the city? #Melbourne #mystery #australia #learnontiktok

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“The blue squares point directly at the hydrant which may be raised or in-ground,” Julian explains.


“The rectangles are on the side of the pole facing the street to alert the firies that there is a hydrant nearby, regardless of which direction they’re driving from.

“So from now on if you see a blue square you can also quickly find a hydrant.”

Okay, who else is going to go hydrant hunting from now on??


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