Melbourne sweltered through one epic heatwave today when the city was met with quite a hot start to the day. The temperature had already hit 30 degrees by 7.30am which had many early rises headed to the beach before they started work.

If you were thinking your area was the hottest place in town, the official numbers are in and this is where your neck of the woods stacked up.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the maximum temperatures across Melbourne were…

  • Melbourne CBD: 39.2 degrees
  • Melbourne Airport: 40.5 degrees
  • Frankston (Ballam Park) 38.3 degrees
  • Laverton: 41.5 degrees
  • Scoresby 39.9 degrees

This was before the blessed cool change rolled in at 2pm – three hours earlier than predicted. There was a dramatic drop when it came through with Moorabin Airport dropping from 40.6 degrees to just 27.3 degrees within an hour.

When it came to across the state, the hottest part of Victoria was Mildura which recorded a temperature of 40.5 degrees.


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