Did you catch one of the sweetest moments over the weekend?

At the MCG, AFL Umpire Dillon Tee walked out onto the empty field with his girlfriend and fellow umpire, Eleni Glouftsis.

The stadium was near empty, but the couple’s hearts were completely full! They walked to the centre of the field where Tee got down on one knee and proposed to his fellow umpire after Saturday’s game

“I thought it makes sense to have a look in the centre, then he says I’ve got to say something to you – and I thought, ‘this is a bit odd’ – and then down on one knee and here we are,” the bride-to-be told 9News.

“I thought no-one was there, but apparently all the corporate boxes were still pumping at that time,”


Jase & PJ asked Tee what would happen if she had said “no” and he simply said, “I would have run off, to be honest.”

Tee had hidden the ring in his sweatband and proposed after the pair had both officiated the game.

A HUGE congratulations to the couple!

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