For Melburnians, AFL Grand Final Day is going to be extremely different. The big game is being played miles away in Queensland, we aren’t able to gather with our mates for a BBQ and a big street party when the local team wins is a WRITE-OFF!

It is possible for two households to get together and watch the game in a park, perhaps on a smart device if they felt the need. However, Mother Nature might have something else to say…

The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted a very high chance of rain on Saturday, easing to showers in the morning and early afternoon – there could even be a thunderstorm.

There isn’t any advice about the evening at this stage so you may get lucky by the time the game begins, but expect some damp grass!

We’ll only hit a maximum of 15 degrees as well, so it is a perfect chance to whip out that scarf one last time!

If all else fails, there is always Zoom!



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