Victoria’s premier has confirmed that Victoria could be put into stage four restrictions.

Speaking on Wednesday, Daniel Andrews said that further steps could be made if the state’s cases are not brought under control.

Victoria recorded 238 new cases today and a total of 105 people have been fined in the week since Stage 3 restrictions were re-introduced.

Deputy Police Commissioner Rick Nugent said “We will have a tougher and longer lockdown if people don’t start obeying the rules.’

Andrews then confirmed that statement, saying “Behaving like that means restrictions will be tougher restrictions… and they will be in for longer than they potentially should be,” Andrews said.

“The time for warnings is over.”

It is not known how many restrictions there would be in stage four in Australia but New Zealand forced all essential services were forced to shut across the ditch during the height of the pandemic.


Andrews said “Please, even for the fact that you will get caught, change your behaviour,” he said.

“The rules about hand hygiene about cough etiquette and keeping your distance are just as important in areas where there is one case or no cases, as they are in areas of Melbourne where there are more cases.”

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