Premier Daniel Andrews has announced he will look to allow Victoria’s State of Emergency to be extended past September 13.

Currently, the state of emergency can only run for a maximum period of 6 months.

Andrews will try and get this allowance to be extended by 12 months, to allow the government to be able to continue to allow changes to lockdowns for a total of 18 months.

This does not mean the state will be under a state of emergency for an extra 12 months, more that it means it CAN go for an extra 12 months, if it is needed.

“That is the legal instrument that allows rules about facemasks, about COVID safe work plans in workplaces large and small, that is the legal instrument that sits behind density limits in pubs and cafes and restaurants,” he told reporters on Monday.

“So we simply can’t have those important roles in the legal framework that sits behind them, we cannot have that end on the 13 September, because this will not have entered by the 13th of next month.

“We will extend the state of emergency provisions within the public health and well-being act for a maximum of a further 12 months.”


An initial extension is expected to be applied for a further 3 months.

If there was a vaccine found by the end of the period, Andrews has said the government will change its strategy.

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