Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has flagged that harsher penalties could be coming for people who continually breach the Stage 4 nightly curfew in Melbourne.

In the past 24 hours, Victoria Police issued 176 COVID related fines, including 55 of which were for being away from home between 8PM and 5AM.

All 55 of these people were fined $1652.

In Thursday, Daniel Andrews said “If you breach the curfew, you’ll be caught, you’ll be fined and the fines are significant.’’

“If you breach the curfew again, then it won’t be $1652, you’ll be dealt with appropriately.’

“The curfew is there for a reason.

“It’s to stop this notion of: ‘I’ll just duck over to a mate’s place because I feel well.’


“That’s what spreads the virus.”

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