Some of Victoria’s biggest industries, with the most employees, could be shut down temporarily if employees continue to go to work with Coronavirus symptoms, Premier Daniel Andrews has warned.

Industries that could close include aged-care, warehousing, freight and logistics, meatworks, abattoirs and cold stores.

The move would amount to a stage 4 restriction that would see them close until the outbreak was under control.

“If we continued to see outbreaks, if we were to continue to see people obviously attending work when they shouldn’t be, then every option goes on the table,” Mr Andrews said.

He urged employers to stop their employees from entering and send them home if they show up with COVID-19 symptoms.

The rule-breaking workers are believed to be one of the primary reasons behind the states virus cases climbing.

The Premier believes workers are showing up, even if sick, because they do not have sick pay.


The government has reminded Victorians they can contact them for emergency help in those circumstances.

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