Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has said Melbourne and Victoria will make significant steps next Sunday out of lockdown.

When fronting his daily press conference, Premier Daniel Andrews said ‘They will not be as big steps as we hoped but they will be significant, and they will allow us to move more freely. They will allow us to connect more easily with those that we love the most. Those that we miss the most. I can’t go through a full list of all of those changes because those decisions have not been made, but I would hope that with a sense of confidence, Victorians can look at the numbers and see that yes, this second wave is stubborn. It is absolutely stubborn. But tame, the magnificent job that Victorians have done and are doing means that we will be able to take some significant steps this coming weekend.’

However, as yet, the decisions have not been made and are dependant on the number of cases and what kind of cases they are, whether linked to cases or are unknown.

All steps will be ‘safe steps’ and will be ‘significant’.

Melbourne is due to ease restrictions on October 19 but today recorded 12 new cases of Coronavirus and the 14-day average is 9.3, when it needs to be 5 or below to fully ease to step 3 of the roadmap.

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