A warning has been issued to protestors wh are planning to march in multiple locations across Melbourne on Saturday, just days after a man from last weekends protests tested positive for Coronavirus.

Refugee protests are planned for Saturday in eight locations including the detention centre in Broadmeadows, Border Force in Docklands, State Parliament and the State Library.

Organisers say the multiple locations is a new plan despite threats of fines from police if people are in groups bigger than 20 people.

”As a global wave of protest spreads against racism and police impunity, it is outrageous that Preston Police are threatening refugee supporters with their own peculiar interpretation of health regulations,” Chris Breen for the Refugee Action Collective said in a statement.

On Friday,  Health Minister Jenny Mikakos said Victoria Police would have the ability to take action if large groups gathered.

“While these legal directions remain in place I would say it is incredibly irresponsible to have a protest at this time,” she said.

“There is still a pandemic in place, so this is not the time for political protest.”


There were four new cases confirmed in the state on Friday.

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