More than 1200 police officers will form a ring of steel around metropolitan Melbourne to enforce stage 3 restrictions.

Victoria Police Commissioner Shane Patton said there would be a ‘huge police presence’ on the main arterial roads heading out of Melbourne.

“We’re going to be checking people,” Commissioner Patton said.

“We’re going to be making sure they’re adhering to those guidelines. If you don’t have a reason to leave, you will be turned back around.

“It won’t be an absolute ring of steel, but there will be a significant police presence.

We’ll have mounted branch. We’ll have the Highway Patrol,” he said, adding there would be “moving and rolling” checkpoints.

Drones will also be used at the Victoria-NSW border.


Any caught flouting the Coronavirus restrictions could be fined $1652.

Due to reduced traffic on the roads, it means meant anyone moving through stage three restricted areas faced a high probability of being stopped by police.

Number plate recognition technology will also be in action and used by police.

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