Victoria Police have taken to social media to respond to a photo of a patrol vehicle sporting an anti-Dan Andrews stickers on its rear.

The sticker, featuring the phrase: “Make Victoria Great Again,” along with a photo of the Premier with a red cross struck through him had been affixed to the rear window of a patrol car.

The photograph had been shared widely on social media, leaving many to wonder if a police officer had stuck the political sticker to the car themselves.

On Monday, Victoria Police responded to the photograph, assuring the public that the police officers driving the vehicle were not against the Premier, and were not aware of its placement.

“We’re aware of a photo going around on social media of a Victoria Police vehicle with a sticker on its rear window,” Victoria Police said in a Facebook post.

“The vehicle had been left unattended for a short time in Yarra Glen when an unknown person affixed the sticker on the vehicle.”

“Unfortunately, it was driven to Lilydale before the sticker was noticed and immediately removed.”


The Facebook post has, however, since been removed from Victoria Police’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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