An infectious disease expert has told the ABC she doesn’t believe Melbourne will ever head back into lockdown, even if a third wave were to come.

Director of the Doherty Institute in Melbourne, Professor Sharon Lewin believes the Victorian Government would have to formulate another plan if an outbreak occurred.

“I do think another lockdown is out of the question. No-one is doing that internationally,” she told the ABC.

“We need to look at Sydney who have just done a fabulous job of putting out spot fires without closing things. It is possible, and we can do exactly that here in Melbourne.”

Lewis went onto praise Daniel Andrews, saying his slow and steady approach to opening up was a ‘good move’.

“We are going to peel off the restrictions every two weeks. A lot has been peeled off starting tonight, which is great, and he is leaving the most risky areas until the end, which is indoor gatherings, gyms, and opportunities for spread, and that’s going to be lifted last, including the travel out to beyond 25 kilometres from Melbourne,” she said.

“So, I think it does make sense. We have a pretty low bar, to be honest. We have got a lot of freedom now, and I think it will also test the system over the next two weeks, and then the next set of restrictions taken off.”