She became the face of Melbourne’s 5km radius, now Karen from Brighton is out of Victoria and in the sights of talent managers.

Jodi Grollo quickly rose to prominence in July when she was interviewed while walking around The Tan, telling a reporter that she had already “done all of Brighton.”

The ensuing meme storm led to one person cycling the 97km to cover ever street in Brighton, Premier Daniel Andrews addressing Karen in his daily press conference and, eventually, Karen challenging the Premier to a fight.

Then she moved out of Victoria all together. It was a wild ride.

Now, Grollo has embraced her alter-ego, racking up over 14,000 followers on her therealkarenfrombriighton Insta and getting attention from at least one celebrity agent.

Celebrity agent Max Markson reckons that Karen could have a future in…performing, or singing, or something.

“I think Karen could put a record out and then she could do a virtual national tour at the moment, but later on she could do actual live appearances,” Markson told A Current Affair.


“We can make money from her and for her if she wants it.”

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