At least ten illegal parties at houses across the city were broken up by police over the weekend.

One house party in Hoppers Crossing is reported to have seen about 40 attendees rock up.

Police caught 15 attendees at the party, issuing fines to each of them.

The attendees were lucky to escape under the previous penalties, with new guidelines in place that would see Victorians fined up to $5,000 for attending an unlawful gathering.

Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton says that people are risking more than fines when they attend illegal gatherings.

“You’re not talking about just getting a fine, we’re talking about people dying,” Commissioner Patton told 7News.

However, Premier Daniel Andrews says that getting party attendees to cooperate with health authorities is worth more than funds raised by a fine.


“Their positive diagnosis and their story about who they’ve been in contact with is worth infinitely more than $5,000,” the Premier said on Monday.

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