Victoria’s Chief Health Officers says Victorians will most likely be allowed to return to their offices from July as long as the return is staged and staggered.

However, Brett Sutton went onto say that business should also consider allowing staff to continue to work from home.

A final decision will be made once the numbers for June start to come through, as the hospitality industry slowly starts to re-open.

“I understand there’s uncertainty about this and people get frustrated without having exact dates for certain things but through all of this we have to do a day-by-day, or week-by-week review of the epidemiology,” Professor Sutton said.

“If we can all do the right thing and drive cases down to zero, that obviously gives us a much greater scope to have a steady, slow and planned transition back to on-site working.

“I think the lessons for some businesses will be that they’ve been very ably supporting people to work from home and they won’t necessarily want them back in an on-site environment.”

He went onto say that the government will not be mandating density requirements on public transport but that people should carry hand sanitiser, wash their hands after using public transport and to not touch their faces after touching surfaces, such as door handles.

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