New transport figures have shown Victorians are slowly emerging from lockdown and heading back on their normal commute.

The number of cars on the road and people using public transport is now growing each week and there are fears that public transport could be the next COVID-19 threat.

There will be extra security measures in place shortly, especially for when children go back to school.

Victorian authorities have already said there will be xclusion zones around bus drivers and school students will sit in every second row.

Melbourne’s roads are also getting busier, with road traffic up 4% week on week.

But it’s still down 49% year on year.

Yesterday, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said that working from home would be on the last restrictions eased, saying office environments were a “significant concern”.


“If everyone goes back to pressing lift buttons, sharing bathrooms, using kitchens – all the natural stuff that happens in office environments and workplaces – then we will do nothing but spread the virus,” he said.

“It is one of the most significant concerns in winding back.

“It will be almost the last thing that changes.”

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