Melbourne’s first weekend back in lockdown will see some perfect weather.. for staying indoors.

The weather bureau has said that there is a risk of thunderstorms and widespread rain across Saturday and Sunday.

Senior forecast Michael Efron said most of the rain would be in the northeast of Victoria, which is expected to see falls of 5-15mm, while 1-5mm has been forecast for the rest of the state.

“As that cold air mass extends across all of the state during Saturday we’ll see widespread shower activity and the risk of storms across all districts,” he said.

Melbourne is heading for a top of 14C across the weekend, with some of the rain hanging around for the start of next week.

“If that low does form further south towards the Victorian border then we could see some quite heavy rainfall across East Gippsland, however, with the low potentially forming further north we could see only a light rainfall affecting parts of eastern Victoria,” he said

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