Melbourne residents who live alone are set for some relief from Coronavirus lockdowns from next week, with a relaxation meaning they can create a ‘singles bubble’.

Starting from Sunday, September 14, Melbourne singles will be able to nominate one person to visit their home.

The person nominated does not also need to be single but must be the only other person in your home at the time, as you must live alone (unless you have dependant children).

If the single person was to visit their home, the other residents in their home would be expected to leave for the visit, according to Pedestrian.

In announcing the measure, Premier Daniel Andrews acknowledged the strain of isolation on those who lived alone after six weeks in hard lockdown.

“(This is) in direct response to feedback we have had from those who have been isolated away from anyone else for a long period of time,” he said.

“It is essentially extending those arrangements for partners who don’t live in the same household to those who live on their own.”


The nominated person does not need to live within 5KM but curfew rules will still apply, which means overnight visits are off the cards.

The Victorian Government will outline the final details around Social Bubbles this week.

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