Melbourne Girls Grammar School families are on alert after they ere told of a tuberculosis case at the South Yarra School.

Parents were told on Friday that a ‘’person associated with year 12″ had been diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis or TB.

TB is a bacterial infection that usually affects the lungs, it’s pretty rare in Australia and vaccinations for it are not routinely recommended.

There are around 1000 cases diagnosed in the country each year, with 400 of them being in Victoria.

The school had been holding classes for year 12 students during the first few weeks of term 3 before they switched to online learning in early August.

Close contacts of the TB case have been asked to join a web conference this week and are being advised to get a test for TB in the coming weeks.

Families were assured that TB is not highly contagious and “to be infected you usually need close, face to face contact over many hours with someone with active disease in the lungs or throat.”

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