Two private schools in Melbourne have come under fire for bringing in COVID-19 mask guidelines for their students.

On Monday, The Guardian reported that Lighthouse Christian College in Keysborough had advised parents and students face covering guidelines.

The school’s mask protocols advised that face coverings should be “standard colour only” in grey, black, blue or white and feature no designs or patterns.

Meanwhile, another school in Essendon is asking its students to wear either plain disposable masks or cloth masks in the school’s colour.

Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar school released its mask protocols which ask parents to equip kids with cloth face masks in “Earslbrae blue” or “disposable white or pale blue face masks.”


Lighthouse Christian College’s executive principal Avril Howard told The Guardian that the information given to parents was only a guideline and that they would not stop students from wearing masks that are not up to the school’s guidelines.

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