Victoria Police have revealed seven people who were supposed to be home self-isolating, were absent when checked on by police.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton confirmed that 88 visits to residents who had returned home today and 70 people were found to be following the guidelines.

Comm. Ashton said “We’re doing follow-ups as to where those people are. We had a couple of people who provided the wrong details to Border Force as to where they were supposed to be going when they returned from overseas, so we’re obviously following those up as well.

“We’re getting certainly a lot more people now doing the right thing, staying at home and self-isolating as they’re supposed to do.”

More than 500 police officers are being deployed each day to ensure returnees are staying home for 14 days.

“We haven’t fined anyone yet because people we have found that haven’t been complying haven’t understood it, haven’t got it, deeply apologetic and they’re doing the right thing now,” Comm. Ashton said.

“If we get someone who is absolutely flouting it, we’ll process the paperwork.”

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