What a stitch-up.

Attendees at a Kath and Kim charity fundraiser have been stung by Kingston Council who issued almost $2000 in parking fines at the event.

Fans of the show flocked to the TV house to get one last look before renovations and raise money for Beanies 4 Brains.

A parking inspector swooped on the event, dishing out fines of up to $165.

Organisers were mortified at the council’s actions and said a warning would have been a far more empathetic and effective way of dealing with the situation.

They’ve also said the charity is willing to reimburse attendees for the fines.

“Council supports community fundraising efforts and we were happy to excuse minor issues such as parking on the nature strip, however, council has a responsibility to make sure our local streets are safe for everyone,” Planning and Development General Manager Jonathan Guttmann said in reply.

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