Melbourne dog walkers have been left annoyed after Yarra Council deployed staff to conduct dog bag ‘stop and checks’.

Dog walkers said the checking started last Saturday at the popular Fitzroy North Edinburgh Gardens.

Walkers have told the Herald Sun, that the worker demanded dog owners prove they were carrying dog litter bags or they would receive a fine.

The move has shocked dog walkers, who have said there are many dispensers across the park and not much litter.

Nicholls Ward councillor Bridgid O’Brien said “One resident said it seemed like ‘entrapment’ targeting dog owners.

“This should be an animal welfare issue, not a revenue-raising exercise. We have to look after our pets.

“(The) council already raises plenty of money through pet registrations so we should be looking after owners.”


A council spokesperson told the newspaper “While most people are respectful, we unfortunately still receive complaints about people not cleaning up after the pets and local law officers need to respond.’’

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