Victoria’s top public health officer Brett Sutton says that it will be “line ball” whether or not Melbourne will be able to have restrictions eased in two weeks’ time.

Under the state’s roadmap for reopening, Victoria would need to record an average of 5 new cases per day to move to the third step of easing restrictions.

The current average now sits at 11.6 after the state recorded nine new cases on Monday.

Chief health officer Brett Sutton says that it is too close to call whether or not Melbourne will reach the benchmark.

“Look, it’s not certain one way or the other,” Prof Sutton said on Monday.

Under the plan, the state would also need to record only five ‘mystery’ cases over a two week period.

The third step on the state’s roadmap would see the resumption of some outdoor hospitality service, public gatherings of up to 10 people permitted and caps on the number of people allowed at weddings and funerals raised.


However, the 5km limit on people’s movement away from their households could remain in place, Prof Sutton says.