A Melbourne man has filmed his confrontation with protective service officers as he refuses to wear a mask in public, proving to everybody that there are male Karens out and about too.

In the video the man is heard asking the station officers: “Are you authorised officers under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act,” to which the officer responds “yes”.

He goes on to dispute the officers’ ability to enforce the rules, saying: “You’re a PSO, not a police officer, you cannot detain.”

The man then tells the officers that he has an exemption to the mask-wearing rule, but would not share the details because they are of “a private nature.”



The man continues to question the officers’ authority to enforce Melbourne’s face covering rules as the pair of officers patiently debate his right to refuse wearing a mask.

The officers eventually move to arrest the man, at which point the camera is turned off.

The video is the latest in a string of anti-masker sovereign citizens who believe a range of conspiracy theories and argue that COVID-19 restrictions do not apply to them.

Under Victorian laws, PSOs do have the power to arrest you if they suspect you have committed or are about to commit an offence.

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