Melburnians have been given a small glimmer of hope ahead of Dan Andrews announcement on Sunday.

Andrews has said again, that Sunday’s announcement would include safe and smart steps out of lockdown but went on to say that Melbourne was ahead of its schedule.

“I do hope to be able to talk a little bit more about how I think October will unfold and maybe give people some clarity around, because we are ahead of schedule, what might be possible. Again, always subject to the case numbers,” he said.

“What might be possible in the next month, as we move towards that next trigger point. That may be able to occur sooner, but I will be in a better position to speak to that in some detail on Sunday.”

Melbourne’s initial easing is penned in for Monday, with step 3 of the plan due on October 26th, at this stage, it’s likely Melbourne may hit its ‘less than 5 cases per day for 14 days’ marker early.

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