Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has said more areas of Victoria could be placed under stage 4 lockdown due to the increase of Coronavirus in their communities.

On Thursday, it was revealed there had been ‘significant’ growth in cases in Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo.

“That is of obvious concern to us,” Andrews said.

It is hoped increased testing will show that the new numbers are the peak of the cases but that has not stopped the government saying further restrictions could be imposed.

“It’s sort of a day-by-day proposition,” he said.

“We really encourage the community to come forward to get tested so that we can get on top of these transmission chains and hopefully obviate the need for Stage 4.

“We’re not wanting to make any assumptions about what will happen… but we’re certainly keeping a very close eye on these settings.


“There is a concern here, but the best response is to get more data and a clearer picture.”

There are now 492 active cases in regional Victoria, compared to 7,155 in metro Melbourne.

Victoria recorded 278 coronavirus infections on Thursday, the lowest number of new cases since July 20.

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