For the first time in ten months, Victoria has no active cases of coronavirus in the state.

The state’s hospitals are now also without a COVID-19 patient for the first time since February 21.

The Herald Sun reports that the patient, at Monash Medical Centre was finally discharged on Monday after a long battle with the deadly disease.

The patient is believed to be a man in his 90s who had been fighting the disease for over a month, his wife had been discharged from hospital on Thursday.

The news officially brings to an end Victoria’s second wave of COVID-19, which has plagued the state since June and comes after 24 consecutive days without a new, confirmed case of the virus in the state.

The pair had become infected as part of the Chadstone cluster in October, before fighting a marathon battle in hospital. The outlook, reportedly, looked so bad for the couple at one point that family were brought in to say their final goodbye.

Victorians will now prepare for further eased restrictions including the easing of rules governing home gatherings in the lead up to the festive season.

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