Victoria’s Deputy Chief Health Officer Professor Allen Cheng has warned about the dangers of Thunderstorm Asthma.

“It is the beginning of October. So the period from October to December is a time that epidemic thunderstorm asthma can occur and this is a result of high levels of grass pollen, particularly rye grass in the air and when that is combined with certain thunderstorm conditions, particularly high winds, that can lead to thunderstorm asthma.

“There are four groups of people that are at risk of thunderstorm asthma. Obviously people that know they have asthma, people that haven’t yet been diagnosed of having asthma – so people who may have a wheeze or other symptoms like that, people that used to have asthma and think it is controlled now and then there are people with hay fever.

“If you are in any one of those groups, you should see your GP and make sure that you have an action plan in case something happens.

The term ‘Thunderstorm Asthma’ became widely known after the freak weather event took 10 lives in November 2016.

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