Doctors working in Victoria’s revamped hotel quarantine program are refusing to only work in the state’s medi-hotels, despite demands from the State Government.

The State Government had initially indicated that those working under the revised system would work exclusively in the hotels as a safeguard against the virus making the jump from returned travellers to the wider community.

The change was one of a raft of recommendations made from the inquiry into Victoria’s hotel quarantine system and its role in the state’s second wave.

However, GPs are refusing to subscribe to the government’s demands that they cease working with other patients outside of the hotels.

The Age reports that a group of doctors have opposed surrendering their other work commitments, including some who were not offered full-time work in the hotel quarantine system.

The state’s Police Minister Lisa Neville confirmed on Monday that doctors would not be working solely in the hotel quarantine system and might have other commitments including training during their stint.

Doctors contracted by Healthcare Australia will work across the city’s nine hotels where people who have not tested positive for the virus are staying. Those doctors will continue to work jobs outside of the hotel quarantine system.


However, doctors working at the so-called ‘hot hotels’ where those who have tested positive to the virus are accommodated will not work their day-to-day jobs.

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