Daniel Andrews has warned Melburnians that stage 4 lockdown is at risk of being extended.

In the last 24 hours, there were 240 new infections, which is up from 216 yesterday.

Mr Andrews said they need to testing levels to increase, so they can get a “complete picture” before easing stage 4 restrictions.

“What we’re all trying to avoid here is that cases come down to a point where we start to think about opening up… only to be unable to do that because the test numbers are too low for us to have clarity about just how much virus is out there,” he said.

Chief Medical Officer Brett Sutton also said “We don’t want people who are out there with coronavirus to be missing out in these numbers. Every case we find is an opportunity to stop transmission by isolating those individuals.”

The 16,109 tests that were processed on Wednesday, was way down on the average of around 20,000.

Andrews has now urged Victorians to get tested, even with the slightest symptoms.

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