We’re sure when Daniel Andrews decided that he wanted to be a politician, there were a lot of things that he could never have predicted.

We really doubt that he predicted that a global pandemic would throw 2020 off the rails.

He probably didn’t predict that he would be instructing Victorians to stay at home.

And he certainly wouldn’t have predicted that he would be explaining the nature of an “intimate” partner to journos.

The Premier found himself explaining why intimate partners do not need to wear masks when they are around each other, and yeah…

“Their contact is of a different nature…”


We were hoping that a reporter might have asked him a series of follow-up questions to define what he meant by that.

Instead, Andrews pulled himself up saying: “I can’t quite believe I’m having to explain that, but I am, but I’m stopping there because I don’t think that serves any greater purpose than…anyway, fine.”

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