Victoria’s chief health officer has flagged that Victorians’ phone records could soon be used by health authorities to contact trace.

Confirmation that the idea is being considered came following news that the Chadstone cluster had spread to regional Victoria when a truck driver lied to authorities about his location prior to being diagnosed with COVID-19.

The truckie’s movement is being blamed for an outbreak of COVID-19 in Shepparton.

Chief health officer Brett Sutton says that although contact tracing relies on Victorians telling the truth, he will still consider using powers that allow authorities to contact trace using other information, such as that garnered from phone records.

However Prof Sutton says that those powers would only be used when authorities suspect people are not telling the truth.

“If we’ve got that suspicion that information is being hidden and there’s another mechanism to validate that, I’ll absolutely use those powers,” Prof Sutton said on Wednesday.

“There is no reason not to tell absolutely every truthful element about where you have been.”


The news comes as Melbourne’s rolling daily average of new COVID-19 cases drops to 9.6, while regional Victoria’s rise slightly to 0.6.

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