Adventure World is making headlines around the country after being labelled ‘sexist’ over its bathers policy.

The theme park released a bathers guideline to stop women from wearing ‘cheeky’ bikini bottoms.

The West reported that the rules will be pretty difficult to police, with fashion designers saying that for Generation Z females, the trendy bottom-baring bathers are “literally all they wear”.

Adventure World’s Facebook post has attracted thousands of comments, both supportive and critical of the policy:

“How about stop sexualizing women? We don’t sexualize shirtless men and that’s way more skin exposed.”

“i kinda get super small thongs but the first one is like 90% of swimsuits. Like they want you to buy a new swimsuit just to go ?”


“Sweet, start telling men to cover up too thanks. No child wants to see Darrens beer gut.”

“Ban speedos too then”

“bro what store even sells full coverage bottoms like that in 2019”

“Thanks for policing women’s bodies Adventure World 🙏🏽 Now where’s the men’s version?”

“I think that’s fair.. As they say its a family park. And to be honest if they want to go toooo skimpy go to the nudist beach.”

“Totally agree it’s a FAMILY water park!!!!”


“Great decision! Absolutely right 👏 FAMILY Park. I for one don’t want people in g strings flaunting their assets infront of my kids”

 “I don’t see a problem with this at all… clubs have a dress code why can’t adventure world”

A couple of hours after posting the original post, Adventure World posted a follow-up.

Comment of the day went to Shae:

After water slides .. 3 and 4 turn into 1 and 2.


She’s not wrong.

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