An Adelaide man has copped a $253 fine for honking his horn outside a Port Adelaide business.

The driver, Jamie Wimmer was sitting outside a friend’s pizza bar when he tooted his car’s horn.

Wimmer took to Instagram to share the news, labelling SAPOL’s fine as “a little sketchy”.

SA Police have warned motorists that use of cars’ horns is against the law unless used appropriately.

Simply honking to say hello or letting people know you’re there to collect them could lead to copping a fine.


The expiation notice issued to Wimmer is the maximum allowed for the offence in SA, the fine includes a $193 fine plus a Victims of Crime Levy.

Despite assurances from SA Police that the fine was issued correctly, Wimmer is a little more skeptical about the reason behind the fine.

“Basically it means they can fine you whenever they need cash for weekend beers,” Wimmer wrote.

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