Dan Andrews urging us all to get on the beers has become one of the most iconic catchphrases of 2020.

Even if it was heavily-edited and completely inadvertent on the Premier’s behalf, Victorians have well and truly run with his advice to get on the beers.

Now, the infamous remix of his advice has found another life…as a Christmas lights display at not one, but two houses in Melbourne.

A house in Kings Park and another in Sandringham have turned their front yards into the loudest, brightest Christmas tributes to a Victorian Premier that we’ve ever seen.

Guy makes epic Christmas lights disco about getting on the beers with lyrics edited from State Premier Daniel Andrews talking about Covid lockdown from r/australia

It’s unclear which of the two homes popped up first, but it seems like both of the householders went to far too much effort to pay tribute to the famous catchcry.


The Kings Park house mirrors the Mashd N Kutcher song’s lyrics in lights across the front window in white lights, while the Sandringham home sets its multi-coloured display off in-sync with the absolute banger.

The only thing is, we’re not sure if we advise you to take the kids or not…doesn’t seem quite appropriate, does it?

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