A Caulfield North woman will pay $3,000 in fines after her barking dog led her neighbours to complain.

The woman faced court on Wednesday, pleading guilty to charges of allowing her dog to be a nuisance and failing to register her dog.

Sonny the eight-year-old sharpei-cross would bark “every few seconds”, the court heard.

The noise becoming so bad that one neighbour was forced to cancel a Father’s Day barbecue at his house.

Neighbours provided log books of the dog’s apparent incessant barking, while doorknockers throughout the area revealed that around half of the people in nearby properties could hear the dog’s bark.

Sonny’s owner said that the dog had attended puppy school and is now kept inside most of the time.

She told the court that the dog had turned on the neighbours because they would spray her with a house and have “never shown any respect towards her”.