The hotel quarantine worker who tested positive to coronavirus on Sunday worked as an “authorised officer” and not on the floors of the hotel, Police Minister Lisa Neville has confirmed today.

Authorised officers interact with guests when issuing notices and are in charge of any other legal paperwork.

The woman, who worked at the Holiday Inn at Melbourne Airport, became symptomatic about an hour after her shift on Sunday and then tested positive to the virus. The news of the case was announced to the public just before 12AM last night.

Neville has said there has been no sign of breach in engagement with anyone in the hotel.

80 CQV staff and nine police officers have since been stood down and are currently isolating for 14 days as part of the public health response.

15 social and household contacts have been identified, and a further 100 people have been asked to isolate.

There are currently four exposure sites associated with the case, including

  • Marciano’s Cakes, Maidstone – February 5
  • Dan Murphy’s, Sunshine – February 5 & 6
  • Off Ya Tree, Watergardens, Taylors Lakes – February 6

Health Minister Martin Foley has also given an update on last week’s Grand Hyatt hotel quarantine case, which saw a 26-year-old Noble Park worker also test positive to coronavirus. It has been confirmed that 1000 people connected to the man are now isolating for a total period of 14 days.