Our routines have been thrown right out the window in the last few months and for most of us, it can affect our dogs as well. Whether they don’t see us at home as much or they see us at home all the time, this new way of life definitely changes the vibe – and can change their behaviour!

If you need a bit of help during the outbreak, or your previous training sessions have been cancelled, there’s now a new solution to help your dog get a little more polished – online training!

The Lost Dogs Home’s Pet Squad behavioural training program has now moved completely online, offering everything from puppy preschool, kitten kinder and adult group training.

If your canine needs some extra special attention, you can even do a private consultation for some one-on-one time.

Pet Squad is all about force-free, positive reinforcement-based training methods, which means a lot of treats for your best buddy. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider it for separation anxiety which could be a big issue once everyone returns to work.

Want to sign up? Head to The Lost Dogs Home here.


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