A shopper has praised a Woolworths employee after witnessing a wonderful act of kindness towards an elderly man in the store.

On Facebook, Chris explained that the elderly man who had a walking aide didn’t have enough cash to pay for his groceries.

“I was at your Keysborough South store today at 2.30pm and going through the service desk checkouts,” Chris wrote.

“There was an elderly gentleman on a walker who had a few bags so I stopped to ask if I could carry them to his car.

“I waited until he finished but he did not have enough money for all of his goods and the young guy on the register said it’s fine and pulled out his phone and paid the $15.00 himself.

“The gentleman had no idea that this guy had just paid the difference of his groceries.

“I am so impressed with this young guy and I wanted to let you know that you have a fantastic employee working for you and I hope you can acknowledge how good he is.”


A Woolworths representative said they had provided the feedback to the store and would make sure the team member would receive the recognition he deserves.

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