Those addicted to loyalty programs will always be looking for new ways to stack up points – but how far would you go?

A Woolworths shopper has divided her fellow Everyday Rewards members after revealing her secret trick to earning extra points for free.

Taking to social media, she said she takes home any receipts left behind by shoppers in trolleys. She then goes to the Woolworths website and uses the feature which allows members to claim points online if they forget their card instore.

“Who else sees a receipt in trollies and adds the points to their account? I just added 700 points today… winner!!” she wrote on Facebook.

Her post sparked a debate – some people said her idea was genius and others said it was cheating.

“Good on her. Plus she is also cleaning up after someone else who chose to litter and not use a bin,” one said.

“It’s not really stealing if they left it behind. If they wanted the points they would scan their card,” another added.


“I’d be embarrassed to post how I tried to rip off a system that others use fairly. You’re gloating about cheating,” a third said.


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