The mystery behind that silver monolith that popped up in the middle of the Utah desert looks like it has been solved, and to be honest, it’s a little disappointing.

Utah’s Department of Public Safety first brought the mystery to light when field workers spotted the monolith on 18 November.

Reporters later confirmed that the 3.4 metre tall monolith had disappeared by 27 November, with witnesses reporting seeing a group of unidentified people removing the monolith in a ute.

Now, it seems that somebody has claimed responsibility for the structure, or perhaps…art installation.

An Instagram account called ‘The Most Famous Artist’ posted what looks like a screenshot of a website selling the monolith for $45,000 USD.


The product’s description lists the monolith as coming with a “blockchain certificate of authenticity” along with a signature from the artists behind the account.

It is hard to say whether the post can be taken as proof that the “Most Famous Artist” collective are behind the monolith, however, they have pulled off way bigger pranks in the past.

One of the group’s biggest coups was changing the famous ‘Hollywood’ sign to read ‘Hollyweed’ back in 2017, following the passage of laws legalising the use of recreational marijuana.

While we can’t prove that these are the guys behind the monolith, it probably does make more sense than our original theory. But it is way more fun imagining that aliens planted it in the desert for some reason…

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