A gynaecologist is calling on women in Melbourne’s West to get their cervix screened after Maribyrnong ranked as a cervical cancer hot spot.

Kingsville and Seddon have the highest rate of cervical cancer in Victoria, with a rate that is 29% higher than the rest of Victoria.

Consultant gynaecologist David Wrede said the high rates are linked to low screening numbers.

He told the Herald Sun “These areas have a lower socio-economic attainment status and that is always translated to a lower rate and engagement with screening.’’

“The other issue is about 40 per cent of people in these areas record themselves as having a mother tongue other than English.

“They’re probably recent immigrants and might not know about cervical screening, they might not have that in the countries they’re from.”

Cervical cancer is caused predominantly by HPV and transmitted through sexual intercourse.


90% of cases will solve themselves but cells can persist and cause abnormalities that cause cancer to develop months or years later.

Symptoms of the disease include bleeding after intercourse, urinary issues, pelvic pain and general bleeding and discharge.


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