They always said the future was coming. A time when we’d look at shows like Futurama and The Jetsons and they’d seem completely normal to the present.

Well, that time could be coming even sooner than we expected, with the launch of the Hyperloop in California next year.

The Hyperloop is a train capable of moving commuters between destinations at speeds of close to 1300km/h, designed by billionaire Elon Musk.

The above-ground tubes are also solar-powered and would span hundreds of kilometres.

According to a report on, Musk’s train would work by boosting passenger-filled pods within the tubes to near supersonic speeds using linear electric motors in a partial vacuum, reducing travel time between cities from hours to mere minutes.

That means that taking a Hyperloop from Sydney to Melbourne would take around 40 minutes.

The dream isn’t far off, after reports that Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) confirmed it would start construction on a real-life Hyperloop in California as early as next year.


The track is said to sit in Quay Valley, a yet-to-be-constructed town that will join California and San Francisco.

Musk’s vision will zip passengers from one city to the other in 35 minutes at $A25 a pop. HTT plans to raise the $A128 million needed to fund construction by selling shares directly to the public.

See the explanation of the plans below..

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