The Victorian Government will keep its options open with New South Wales as a cluster in Sydney continues to grow.

The outbreak around the Sydney’s Northern Beaches jumped to 17 on Thursday, surging from just 2 the previous day.

While Victorian authorities have stopped short of implementing the sort of hard-line border restrictions previously seen, the DHHS is urging anybody who has visited the affected region to get tested and then quarantine for 14 days.

News of the Sydney cluster is reminiscent of an Adelaide cluster, the numbers of which swelled from a handful to nearly 20 within the space of a couple of days.

The cluster in Adelaide led to the Victorian Government opting to implement strict border restrictions with South Australia, before lifting them weeks after.

The Victorian Government has refused to rule out a similar approach with NSW this time.

“Our public health team is in regular contact with NSW Health and we continue to monitor the situation,” a Victorian Government spokesperson to the Herald Sun.


Other states around the country have responded to the cluster by labelling the affected area a COVID-19, with quarantine protocols now in place across some states for people who visited the Northern Beaches recently.

Meanwhile, Western Australia has continued its hard-line stance with its border restrictions, opting to impose a mandatory two-week quarantine on anybody arriving in WA from NSW.

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